Hi there!

Has recently been living and working in the UK.

I liked the country and the people living in it from the very beginning of my arrival in London. And while things like.

Almost from the first days of my crossing of the English Channel, and to this day, my numerous friends and acquaintances do not stop to ask me questions about Britain and London – the life and work of the business and culture of the people and sights of infrastructure, etc. .d. etc.

Frankly, a little tired of telling everyone individually for hours about all this I decided to start a blog.

In this blog I will giblets not hastily through paid workpost various articles about London and Britain. Subject articles will be diverse and chaotic, so to speak, “I see and I write about.” Comments are welcome. Articles will try posted in four languages Russian, Ukrainian, English and Hungarian. If anyone interested in why so – ask and see “about me”. But first, see “About Me” and then ask.

On Ukrainian and Russian politics and my attitude to these topics here will not talk. This will separate blog.

I invite you all to my blog.

Thank you.




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