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Wandering through the streets of central London, I came across another little market. Well, not special simple street chaotic tradeplace but market, though still little market in the translation. But by our standards this is not a bazaar, but association of shops under one roof. Or maybe their consolidates several covered streets. First exhibited photos Leadenhall Market in general. But they`r not mine. Found online. I such can not yet …Read the Rest

To drink or no to drink? That is the question.

There are bearded rumors and beliefs that the Slavs more than anything drinking alcohol. A reckoned these “beliefs” on the …Read the Rest

Strange monument

Between the underground stations Aldgate and Tower Gateway, in a not very prominent position in front of the hotel Trevelodge, …Read the Rest

Happy New 2016 Year

Dear friends and readers of my blog. That came to the end a very difficult and complicated 2015 year. But …Read the Rest

Add another photo interesting solutions for decorating the Westfield Shopping Centre. Was made a couple of days ago. But this …Read the Rest

The holiday approaches, the holiday approaches.

The holiday is approaching … And the holiday is Christmas. Rather, it has arrived here in London. Just now, when …Read the Rest

London`s hydrogen buses

Not so long ago here in London there are buses. On board it have sign that they are working on …Read the Rest

Vintage taxi-cab

I am cruising around residential districts in London and came here on a taxi-cab. Apparently not move, although in appearance …Read the Rest

Legendary Abbey Road Studio

Well. I recently traveled around the legendary recording studio at Abbey Road in London. Studio and uncomplicated is the name …Read the Rest

Multicolour fountain

Going the other day on Mansell Street in Aldgate noticed such a small fountain. Jets of water periodically change their …Read the Rest

Хорошо ли быть пешеходом в Лондоне? Да, хорошо. Во многиих отношениях. Ну, естественно, на первом месте стоит туристическое пешеходство. В …Read the Rest