Legendary Abbey Road Studio

December 13, 2015

Well. I recently traveled around the legendary recording studio at Abbey Road in London. Studio and uncomplicated is the name of a street name.
I do not fanatic Beatles. A fan – yes. But without fanaticism. I like their songs. But, in truth, I do not have in my rather big collection any of their albums. I feel like that too trite to call myself a fan of this group and tell everyone about it. I think that the fans of this group should be by default all people of the world who love to listen to music.
Of course, living in London, I could`t go and kneel in front of the Abbey Road Studio.
The day was not crowded, to my surprise. I was expecting a huge crowd of at least a hippie. But it was so twenty. Half of them ran back and forth across the same pedestrian crossing. And many times, creating a small traffic jams and annoying drivers.
Now compare. Same “zebra” in the same place. Another time, other people. They say if it was better, more interesting life.
Fencing Studios soccer fans inscribed with different expressions, etc. His every day repainted without corrections. Barrel with paint straight and stands there behind the fence. So someone has a stable job in London.
I twirled around the studio half an hour. Unfortunately, this time I know of no “celebrities” were not entered, and did not go out. But yesterday I saw a large crowd near the studio Photo and film journalists with cameras, video cameras and “hairy” microphones. They waited for the audience kaky the “stars.” But I did not wait. And God forbid, will Justin Timberlake.

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