London`s hydrogen buses

December 20, 2015

Not so long ago here in London there are buses. On board it have sign that they are working on hydrogen or hydrogen cells.
hydrogen bus

I have seen them so far only in the central London. It is understandable. The Major is fighting for the purity of the central London, as there are a lot of transport. And the presence of congestion in almost all the central streets of London is not so unusual. In recent years, there are even traffic jams on Saturday and Sunday.
hydrogen bus

What is the hydrogen cell, I do not know, I was not interested in this issue deeply. Also on the bus signed that no emissions from this bus, ie, “zero”. Looks like only water vapor from the exhaust pipe. But, I think, still some small impurities from the engine lubricating oils fall into this water vapor.

And quite a lot already just such double deckkers travels to London. But they hybrid, i.e. not very clean.

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