Add another photo interesting solutions for decorating the Westfield Shopping Centre. Was made a couple of days ago. But this is on Stratford. Another Westfield. There are only two in London. Photos from the first is in the previous post. And this little smaller, people say. Although, I have no idea how they can be compared. They are huge. And people now have a lot of – in short, “toooo much”. In some stores, such as Primark, there is a turn to the input. I did not even try to get them. I’ve had enough for an hour of slow walking on the hypermarket. More I could not stand the slow movement in the crowd of tourists-shopaholics between storefronts.
Most of the people in this hypermarket slow stroll along the shop windows just looking at their design and photographed against the backdrop of the windows and on the background caught in the frame of other tourists. And do not get into your frame others can not – the people here are thousands and tens of thousands.
But we must pay tribute to the vast majority of windows are decorated interesting and tasteful. Although there are also some frank “nonsense”.

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