There are bearded rumors and beliefs that the Slavs more than anything drinking alcohol. A reckoned these “beliefs” on the Slavs, who had not been in far countries. Moreover in far and rich. After all, Africa is far away too, but I think that drinking there is not much. To drink a lot of alcohol, it is necessary for it to have to buy it.

About a month after I moved to the UK, I was walking through the streets of a small, quiet, safe and beautiful British town Berkhamsted. Not so far from London. Somewhere in the 20 miles from the London orbital.

It is was Monday. I was shocked by saw the number of empty bottles of whiskey, gin, vodka, wine and beer near the bins. In fact, almost next to each house, standing and lying down a huge number of empty glass bottles. Why near the garbage bins? Because bins was full. I thought it was a holiday can for the weekend, so they celebrated. But all the same with empties repeated next weekend, etc.

Here are a few photos taken recently near the pub The Minories at Tower Gateway.
The Minories

This delivery brought kegs of beer and cider. Regardless that they have brought in a glass inside.

And it will all be drunk over the weekend. Rather, even for Friday and Saturday. And of the remaining tourists on Sunday.

It’s not the giant pub in London.

To drink a lot need to have money. And not just in Britain. Alcohol, such as not handing out free anywhere. And the price of alcohol in the world is not the most democratic.

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