Leadenhall Market

February 12, 2016

Wandering through the streets of central London, I came across another little market. Well, not special simple street chaotic tradeplace but market, though still little market in the translation. But by our standards this is not a bazaar, but association of shops under one roof. Or maybe their consolidates several covered streets.

First exhibited photos Leadenhall Market in general. But they`r not mine. Found online. I such can not yet do.

Panoramic view.

One of the entrances-exits.

The guy just earning polishing shoes.

One of the many Market passes with cafes and shops.

And I came across an interesting installation in the Market. In the passage between the two shops hang down real books from top.
Leadenhall Market

Someone’m not too lazy to fixing them there, standing on the ladder and his head thrown back.
Books hang down

And the books he was not harmed. What they only taught in school?
Books not harmed

Or is it instead to put in the trash. And in my opinion, even better than in the trash, and more can be read cover sitting over a cup of beer. You see in the foreground beer machine?
reading books

And here’s a link to Google Maps to see if your a sudden visit to London.

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